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Students with a Qualifying Life Event

Am I Eligible for a Qualifying Event?

With an appropriate qualifying life event (QLE) and supporting documentation, you may make certain changes to your plan, including:

  • Add/Enroll
    • QLE: Involuntary loss of coverage (e.g. aging off of a parent's plan)
  • Drop
    • QLE: Gaining coverage under another plan, leaving the US
  • Add Dependents
    • QLE: Marriage, birth or adoption, arrival of family members to the US
  • Drop Dependents
    • QLE: Divorce, death, departure of family members to the US

Required documentation includes proof of event and proof of dependent
relationship. Examples: Proof of loss/gain of coverage, proof of arrival/departure of family members to the US, marriage certificate or divorce decree, birth/naturalization/adoption
certificate, tax return for prior or current year (verifies dependent relationship to student).

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